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Russell’s Warehouse Unit Coolers are the ideal evaporator solution for large walk-in coolers and freezers. Designed with efficiency, performance and service in mind, the Warehouse Unit Cooler line is optimized to cover Cold Storage applications in the most effective way.

There are a wide array of sizes to match your specific
application requirements ranging from 34,500 to 282,500
BTUH at a 10° TD. Models are available with air flow
spanning a range of 6,875 to 27,500 CFM.
Each unit is constructed with a rust-free, heavy gauge,
textured, aluminum housing which is light weight yet
extremely durable. Models feature hinged drain pans to
allow for convenient servicing and maintenance. Predrilled hanger holes are provided on all units for fast
Seamless copper tubes are staggered and mechanically
expanded into heavy gauge corrugated aluminum
fins to assure maximum heat transfer. Die formed fin
collars are provided for accurate fin spacing. Heavy
gauge hangers are fastened directly to the tube sheet
of the coil to provide high structural strength. Electric
Defrost and Hot Gas Defrost Models are available in
both 6 FPI and 4 FPI.
Models are offered with three-phase motors with
standard or high static pressure prop fan blades. If you
require a High-Static fan blade in an application above
freezing, please contact factory.
Powerful heavy-duty aluminum fans are individually
balanced to provide vibration free operation. Standard
heavy-gauge wire fan guards are UL/cUL-approved
epoxy coated for corrosion resistance. High static
pressure prop fan blades are also available. Air throw
for Warehouse Unit Coolers is 120 ft. with standard fan.
Large Unit Coolers are optimized for multiple refrigerants
including R404A, R407A, R448A, R449A and R744 DX
). Please specify system refrigerant requirements
when ordering. A separate compartment is provided for
all refrigerant connections which allows ample room for
internal mounting of expansion valves.
Available in 208-230V/3 or 460V/3. A large compartment
is supplied for all electrical components and is easily
accessible by removing the end panel. All models are
UL and cUL listed.
Air Defrost models (RW6A) are designed for use in
coolers at +35°F and warmer.
Electric Defrost models (RW6E or RW4E) are designed
for use in coolers and freezers between 35°F to -30°F.
Defrost heaters are mounted on the air intake side of
the unit for optimal performance and easy maintenance.
A lower heater is installed inside the drain pan for fast,
reliable drainage. Adjustable defrost termination, fan
delay and heater safety controls are factory mounted for
optimum performance of each control function.
There are two types of Hot Gas Defrost models
available: 3-pipe Hot Gas models (RW*H or RW*K) and
2-pipe Hot Gas Reverse Cycle units (RW*G or RW*L).
Hot Gas Defrost models are designed for use in coolers
and freezers between 35°F and -30°F. Models are offered
with electric or hot gas drain pans. All units include
adjustable defrost termination and fan delay controls
which are factory mounted for optimum performance
of each control function. Refer to the current Russell
Technical Bulletin for piping. Reverse Cycle units can
also be used for Alternating Evaporator Systems.

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